How to Gain Muscle Mass

Athletes need to eat foods that supply them with enough energy and nutrients so that they have the capacity to perform effectively on the court. Proper nutrition must supplement a hypertrophy workout program in order to get bigger and stronger.Even if you follow the best hypertrophy program under the guidance of the best personal trainer, without proper nutrition you would not be able to gain a lot of muscle mass. It takes extra calories to gain weight, just like it takes a caloric deficit to loose weight - you need extra calories to support growth and gain muscle mass. The average muscle contains:

  1. 60% of water
  2. 22% of Protein
  3. Rest is carbohydrates & minerals
  • How Much Muscle Can I Gain? 

A reasonable amount of muscle mass that one could attain on a hypertrophy program is ~ 1 lb/week without any pharmaceutical (illegal) intervention. In order to achieve this, you need to consume additional calories a day on top of your daily energy needs, while participating in hypertrophy training.

Muscle growth only occurs when nutrition and proper hypertrophy training work together as a unit. Just by eating more protein without exercise will not increase muscle mass (the extra calories are stored as fat) and the same holds true vice versa – proper hypertrophy training without adequate nutrition will not increase lean muscle mass.

From a thermodynamic standpoint, it is almost impossible to gain muscle mass while loosing weight because you loose weight when you create a caloric deficit and you gain muscle when you create a caloric surplus. That’s why professional body builders train in phases. In phase A they try to bulk up and become bigger by gaining muscle mass and weight and then in phase B they try to slim down, creating a caloric deficit to get rid of the fat. To achieve both simultaneously is extremely difficult and ineffective! For more detailed information take a look at a recent research article "Macronutrient Considerations for the Sport of Bodybuilding".

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